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Decorative 10" Hanging Basket Wall Mount
Use for 10" hanging baskets or smaller
10" hanging Basket wall mount - Black
Tree Straps
Attach with a wire to pole on either side of tree for support.
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Bamboo Poles 36"
Use to stake up vegetable, climbing vines, flowers or your to suit your needs.
Hand Cultivator
For use in gardening and weeding
12"-14" Wire Coco Hanging Basket Drip Pan
use for 12"-14" coco liner wire hanging baskets
42" Square Obelisk
for use in gardens and Large Patio Pots
10" Pot Saucer
for use under 10" plant pots
12" Pot Saucer
for use under 12" plant pots
8" Pot Saucer
for use under 8" plant pots
6" Pot Saucer
for use under 6" plant pots
10" Hanging Basket Drip Pans
Attach to hanging basket to catch water when watering.
Bamboo Poles 48"
Use to stack up vegetables, climbing vines, flowering plants or use as needed.
1204 Seeding Tray
used in seeding
Holding Tray for 1204
For 1204 seeding trays
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