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Pestell Nutrasoft Granular Calcium Sulfate 18.14kg
- to raise PH levels in soil - helps with pet spots and mushroom growth
Wilson Lawn WeedOut Ultra
Kills Dandelion and Plantain to the root with no re-growth
Scotts Turf Builder Green Max 6.6kg
- covers 404 sq meters - deep greening formula - apply in any season
26-0-2 with 5.17% Iron
Scotts Turf Builder Pro 5.5kg
- covers 400sq meter
32-0-4 with 2% Iron
Gypsum Calcium Sulphate 25kg
- to raise PH levels in soil - helps with pet spots and mushroom growth
Calcium Sulphate
Nutrite Professional Turf Fertilizer 25kg
- BMP Nutrite
Premium Turf Grade
Nutrite Weed Seed Inhibitor & Fertilizer 9kg
- covers 85sq meters - weed & feed - weed seed inhibitor - phosphate free
Out of Stock
Scotts Turf Builder Starter 4.7kg
- lawn food for new grass - covers 320sq meters
OSC All Season Lawn Fertilizer 8kg
- contains Sustane natural fertilizer -covers 400sq meters
Turf Revolution K-Mag 9kg
- for a potassium deficiency in lawn
NUTRITE Ganular Limestone
NUTRITE Ganular Limestone high calcium content optimal growth - neutralizes the ph of the soil
Economy Sun & Shade Lawn Seed 2kg
- good lawn mix for sun and shade yards
Economy Sun & Shade Lawn Seed 1kg
-good seed for a yard with a mix of sun and shade.
Turf Revolution Salt Stopper 4kg
- excellent neutralizer for road salt and pet urine on lawns - easy to apply through bag shaker - use as spot treatment
Naturally Mined Calcium Magnesium Sulphate
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