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At Ross Nurserymen | Chatham Landscaping we are happy to accept Returns as follows: Merchandise must be un-opened and in re-sellable condition, returned with Receipt or bill of sale. We do not accept Returns on any "live goods" - Plants, Potted Plants, etc.

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Full Sun, Height 12-18" Spread 24". Upright tufted ornamental grass with creamy, yellow to white striped leaves. Showy purple panicles open in midsummer above the foliage slowly fading to a tawny colour.
Full sun to partial shade, Height 6' Spread 4'. This ornamental grass is quite drought tolerant. A warm season grass that transplants best in the Spring.
Full sun to partial shade, Height 6-8" Spread 12-18". This is a low-growing hybrid, found originally in the mountains of Eastern Europe. Plants form a low, spreading mat of fragrant dark green leaves, bearing clusters of white flowers, with a tinge of soft pink.
Full sun to partial shade, Height 4-6" Spread 6-8". Plants are biennial, usually lasting through one season, but self-seeding to provide future generations. This strain flowers well in both fall and spring the first year, with cute yellow-eyed semi-double daisies with bright pink petals.

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Full sun, Height 31-59" Spread 19-27". Forms a tight upright clump of blue-green foliage. The tips develop blood-red tones by midsummer becoming more prominent throughout the season. Burgundy-red, airy, cloud-like panicles, 30 cm long, rise above the foliage.
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1.5" pot, Sun. Dry with occasional watering.
1gal, Spreading habit, height 2' spreading 2'. Full shade to filtered sun. Grows in colder areas with good air circulation, but may be deciduous. Tougher to grow in the warmer climates.
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